Sioux Steel offers a number of working equipment options for your livestock needs. We know you work hard and your working equipment should work just as hard. With Sioux Steel's tough, durable working equipment you get the dependability you rely upon.

 Werk Weld Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality
cattle feeding equipment.  Founded in 1982, we specialize
in utilizing our over 45 years of agriculture related
manufacturing knowledge to provide products that are
unmatched in durability and strength. 

 Since 1988, Arrowquip has made livestock handling easier, faster and safer with industry leading innovation. From cattle squeeze chutes to custom cattle working systems, Arrowquip is the solution for your livestock handling needs. Let our generations of ranching experience and knowledge of cattle help you develop a more efficient and productive operation. 

The New AmeriAg Livestock Mineral Feeder 

Weather Proof, Spill Proof, Bull Proof, Wind Proof,  Portable, Durable, Economical, Versatile and Dependable 

​​​​​​​​​Gallagher pioneered New Zealand's first electric fencing system in 1938 and has consistently led the way in quality, innovative animal management systems that are made to last. Our offering includes electric fencing, weighing, data collection and livestock watering systems.Users of our quality systems and products trust us to deliver solutions that help them do and achieve more on their land and with their livestock. 

 Easy Way Cattle Care manufacturers the highest quality cattle oilers

and livestock pest control products available on the market!


 With Ritchie Waterers, your livestock will have Fresh Water for Life. Ritchie not only offers superior fountains, they also support their products with detailed and regularly published videos, energy efficiency information, and more. Read below to learn how to get the information you need about your new Ritchie watering unit. 

 Mix 30 Liquid Feed is a “high energy” protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy based co-products. This proprietary blend of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient-rich product that supplies a judicious combination of both protein and energy for all ruminant diets. 

 With Drinking Post Waterers, thirsty animals press their nose to the paddle in an empty bowl.  Fresh, clean water instantly fills the bowl.  The bowl fills as long as the animal presses the paddle.  Because the valve is located below the local frostline, the water is roughly 50 F / 10 C year-round.  This means fresh cool water in the summer and fresh warm water in the winter. 

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 Smidley provides products that rate number one in quality, ease of use, and feed savings for livestock producers.  

 Applegate Livestock Equipment Inc. (Applegate), was established by 19-year-old businessmen, Richard G. Applegate in 1955. The company set out to install “quality fencing at a reasonable price”. 

  Our net wrap crushes the competition in quality while beating the competitors in price! We dare you to swap out your old net wrap for Family Forage Net Wrap. We guarantee quality and if you are ever unsatisfied with Family Forage Net Wrap's performance, simply return the net wrap for a refund.